I’m a bit of a startup junkie, and I’m especially fascinated with this genre of entrepreneurship many refer to as “bootstrapped startups”. In a nutshell, bootstrapped startups are self-funded businesses typically leveraging technology to a high degree.

At any given time, I usually have several bootstrap startup ideas that I’m just itching to launch. I’ve built and ran a good number of businesses in the past…everything from starting a coworking space, to launching various web apps, to selling productized services…so, startup life is in my blood. And each time at the beginning of a new startup, I’ve considered blogging in detail about the journey…but I never did. Somehow, whenever I made the cost-benefit analysis of maintaining a blog…the blog always ended up short. This decision to not blog is something I regret every single time.

This time though, it’s different. This time, my urge to write and journal in detail about the process is equally as strong as my urge to build successful startups, and perhaps even greater. Creating a blog and building an audience is something I’ve never really tried before, and it’s a journey I find fascinating in itself. I know what you’re thinking, I’m about 10 years late in the game…but, you know what they say.

In short, my plan is to experiment with startup ideas, perhaps a couple at any given time, and blog in detail about the entire process. I’ll admit, my goal is to be a bit like Tim Ferriss. Just as Tim Ferriss experimented with his body, used himself as the human guinea pig, and freely shared his results and valuable insights with the world…I want to be the Tim Ferriss of bootstrapped startups, putting myself in harm’s way and blogging about it. These will be long experiments, basically journaling the play-by-play process of me building up businesses from scratch…on my own dime.

My purpose for this blog is twofold: benefits for the reader, and frankly, benefits for me. The biggest benefit I’m hoping a reader will gain from following this blog is the ability see the bootstrap startup journey as it unfolds. Hopefully, by being as transparent as I can be, fellow entrepreneurs can see how decisions play out in real world scenarios, and even the thought process and emotions around difficult decisions. In short, I’m hoping readers can learn the lessons I’m learning while I’m fumbling along my startup journey.

I think this sense of a “real time diary” is somewhat lacking in the startup world. Sure there are a ton of blogs, podcasts, and books about startup business advice, sales, marketing, growth, revenue, inspiration, etc…but most everything is written retroactively; startup experiences distilled into concrete takeaways and packaged as “strategy”. We all know that memory and recall is quite selective and hindsight is 20/20…and a LOT of the most useful details are lost when “experts” teach from their past experiences. As an entrepreneur myself, I value the details of how exactly startups get from Point A to Point B…what worked, what didn’t…and the thoughts of the entrepreneur throughout their process. We all know that one of the best ways to learn is through first hand experience…so I’m hoping this blog will help you learn as if you’re part of the process. I’m hoping this will be somewhat different than the millions of blogs out there about startup entrepreneurship.

My second hope for this blog is more selfish. In the past, I had a lot of “solopreneur” journeys…researching ideas on my own, learning business strategies on my own, and experiencing successes and failures on my own. A lot of people say that bootstrapped startup journeys are very isolating for the entrepreneur…and I agree cause I’ve been through it too many times. This time though, I’d like to go through the startup journey with a community of people. I’m hoping this blog will serve as a platform, where I can meet experts in the field, get their perspective and advice about my current situation, actually apply their advice, and share real results with an audience. I think by diligently blogging about all these details, readers will quickly see that the business strategies covered in this blog aren’t theoretical…but is immediately applied in a real life scenario.

I’m hoping to meet a bunch of smart people along the way willing to lend great advice…while indirectly also helping out an audience of readers hungry to see this business advice actually put into action. I’m also hoping that by blogging about everything, it’ll create some sense of accountability for me to follow through all my ideas to the end. Honestly, this sense of accountability from blogging publicly about the journey is what scares me most. All the failures and missteps will be revealed…and I won’t be able to just give up on the journey that easily.

Anyways, on we go…please stay tuned!